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    Thursday, July 10, 2008

    The State of Titletown

    Oh yeah, we can't call ourselves titletown yest because ESPN is still deciding who owns that crown. Is there actually room for a discussion? We are titletown. All the other cities involved in this "we've got nothing except baseball to talk about fluff piece" can sit down. Beantown is where it is at...for right now. Winning is cyclical, agreed. That being said, we have had the most cycles. Fine.

    On to my aforementioned state of the "Town."

    The Boston Bruins - Whiffed or didn't even swing at UFA superstar Marian Hossa. Hmmm? Peter Chiarelli baffled me on that one. The other offers could not have been that daunting if Hossa settled on one year in Detroit.
    I won't even change planes in Detroit. Right now someone in Detroit is offended at what i said about their city. Although they are reading this in the prone position on their living room floor as not to catch any stray "hospitality nuggets" from the "neighborhood watch program."
    I guess we are banking on a bounce back year from former Hab Michael Ryder. Optimism also Abounds for the triumphant return of Patrice Bergereon. Will he ever be 100% again? That remains to be seen. I am sticking to my prediction Bruins over the Avalanche in 7. Warm up the Duck Boats.

    The New England Patriots - Who thinks we won't be in Tampa in early February? C'mon show of hands. That's what I thought. The rest of the country just spent an entire off season bashing an 18-1 football team with the easiest schedule on the board. Training camp is now just days away...welcome Jerrod Mayo and take care of bizwax!

    The Boston Celtics - SIGN JAMES POSEY. The Boston Red Sox - Feel free to shake things up and go on an extended winning streak after the break. Last summer wasn't boring, it was a delight. Make some moves before the deadline and lets go back to back. I can not get enough of this. I know I certainly don't wish for anything less. Pedroia is an absolute gem and it would be fun to find out what Lowry could do in extended duty. Put together quality, confidence building wins. Make it a no-brainah Theo, the front office and the players deserve the opportunity to win this thing going away. Just ask the Danny and the rest of the Celtics if 131-92 in game 6 was boring or redeeming. On second thought, don't bother Danny, he needs to keep the line open for Posey's agent. Get it done.

    New England Revolution - The MLS Cup Final is a game you are allowed to win. The Kraft family owns you for gawds sake. GO do it!

    I love a parade, the quackity quack, the dum ditty dum, the la la la la......


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    Anonymous said...

    The Boston Celtics need to sign Posey. He is a staple to the team regardless of his age.

    July 11, 2008 at 6:11 AM  

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