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    Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    Say it Aint So - James Posey is a Hornet

    James Posey's agent announced today that the most coveted of all free agents on the market, James Posey has signed a deal with the New Orlean's Hornets for $25 mil.

    This begs the question, has Danny Ainge earned our respect enough for us not to question his judgement? I don't know. I mean if Belichick or Theo make a move, no one in the Boston area will ever question it. We might be pissed if Manny leaves after this year, but if Theo said it was the right thing, we would agree.

    In this case though, can we really give Danny a pass? I don't think so. He made what, a couple of good moves last year? I know I know, he's a god for bringing KG and Ray Ray in along with the other role players, but that's ONE season. If he does it consistently and makes moves that will keep us contenders for an extended amount of time, then he'll earn that right. For now, Mr. Ainge, talk to me at the end of the 2008-2009 season when we have ring #2 and you will have Theo/Billy status, but until then get on the free agent market my friend and find a replacement for Posey.

    As for Posey, James, you weren't a Celtic for nearly long enough. You were a superstah in our eyes and we will be forever greatful for the things that you did to help us win Banner #17. Go ahead man, get your money. Enjoy NO and maybe we'll see you in the playoffs...probably not.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Danny Ainge has turned back into the douchebag that most Celtics fans thought he was this off-season. Last year bringing in KG, and Jesus Shuttlesworth was big not to mention costly. Though these moves were the most recognizable acquisitions he also brought in good role players such as House, Posey, Scot Polard(well maybe not Polard) and then during the year risks on Sammy and PJ worked out, which made him look like he knew what he was doing, but alas he does not since he has gone back to picking a injury prone swing forward, and a euro that will probably never see the NBDL! Just for the record I do like Billy Walker, but again here is a guy coming off an injury so we "hope" he pans out.
    That is the thing with Theo and Bill "I win RINGS so F off" Belichick they don't rely on "hope" they are calculated and know there SH&* as for Danny he "hoped" the big three could work together and god bless them they brought #17 home.
    This will be a pass year for Danny for most fans since the season will begin with #17 bing raised to the rafters, but if does not make another move other than Patrick O'Bryant (WTF) than the C's will have 3 stars with some sore legs come June.
    In closing good luck James Posey in NO, that team will be that much better with him coming off the bench and it will be sad not to see the "man hugs" before the tip of each game on FSN NE.

    Scotty Dont

    July 17, 2008 at 9:05 AM  

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