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    Tuesday, July 1, 2008

    No Standing At Gillette? HA HA!!

    As if the Kansas City Chiefs weren't already the lamest organization in the NFL, now they have released a Fan Code of Conduct. One of the rules while at Arrowhead Stadium is NO STANDING. I kid you not. No standing is a rule on the Fan Code of Conduct.

    I can't tell you if there is a Fan Code of Conduct for Gillette or not, but I can tell you that if they started to try and enforce a no standing rule, the Ya Dude's in the stands would probably dump their beers on the security guard and piss on the seat. Then they'd stand up and yell out...Tommy Brady is gonna kick your ass James Horton, light 'em up Tommy!!

    Good news is we play the Chiefs in week #1. We need to come up with something for all the fans at Gillette to do to taunt the KC Chiefs and make fun of their no standing rule. Any suggestions? Comment them now.

    Click here for the article on the most ridiculous rule in the history of the NFL.

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