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    Sunday, July 13, 2008

    Is Bobby in Jacobs Billionaire Boys Club?

    According to a Boston Globe article the Boston Bruins are being shopped around by the Jacobs family. That sentence alone as I sit her and write it sends a warm tingle down my spine and makes me happy in my special place. Jacobs denies the report. Well I feel as of late in the world of sports, where there is smoke there is fire. Burn baby burn!

    A front office informant claims that Jeremy is shopping the team to his billionaire friends. One call Jeremy. 1-800-dial-bob. Please Mr. Kraft if you would like to expedite your almost certain domination of this molten marble we call planet earth. Pull the trigger. I will gather my friends to begin to dig the moat around New England so we will no longer be infested by those other cities (losers) in this great US of A. We will call this new island of athletic prowess and marveled business acumen "Kraftopia."

    Massholes grab a shovel and follow me to freedom!

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