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    Saturday, July 19, 2008

    Flutie Inducted into the NCAA Hall of Fame

    A great day for Boston. A great day for Boston College. A great day for the little guy. I mean that in the broad sense as in "underdog." Also a great day for "the" little guy Doug Flutie. All of his accomplishments, most of which go largely unheralded outside of 128, have finally been spotlighted. He is a Hall of Famer as far as the NCAA is concerned. Inducted alongside Joe Paterno today who himself took credit for Flutie's success.

    Joe Pa pointed out that in 3 out of the 4 meetings during Flutie's eligibility at BC the Nittany Lions prevailed on the scoreboard, but Doug certainly put up HOF numbers. Flutie enjoyed the day with fellow greats and the opportunity to reflect once again on his great career. My words not his. Thanks Doug, you've had this day coming since November 23, 1984. Well worth the wait. New England is proud to call you our own. I will be thrilled to tell my boys one day that i shook your hand after a game once. My boys will hear stories from their father and grandfather about this kid from Baltimore by way of Natick that was 5 foot nothing and 100 and nothing that took his will and determination to make an example and a career to be proud of forever.

    Douglas Richard Flutie. Father. Husband. Son. Leader. Football Player. Class Act. Now, Hall of Famer.
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