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    Monday, July 14, 2008

    Arod is BIGGER than history, just ask him...

    If I could explain the first picture I would. The question remains, would you want to know? I figured I could pepper in that internet gem to help gain favor before i begin my eff-u Arod tirade.

    Ok, I am sure Alex Rodriguez would have you believe that he is humbled by the fact that he gets to do what he loves for a living. (Boy that picture is distracting, huh?) So then Alex, do it! He has once again been voted for overwhelmingly to start at 3rd base for the American League. The Yankees and the Sox own the infield this year, fine. I would hope that if the same were true and the All-Star Gala were taking place at Fenway for the final time our third baseman would approach the "break" differently.

    I doubt that Mike Lowell would decline the opportunity to represent his team, city and league in the Home Run Derby this evening. Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez has done exactly that, as a fan I feel it is disgraceful. David Ortiz was good enough to replace him as "The Babe" in the MLB's promotion where a fan gets to call the shot. Papi was forced to step down due to injury.

    You know what is the best news out of all of this? Arod was concerned that participating in the derby would "set his swing back" three weeks or so according to his estimation. Well if that is true, he probably should have done it. By excusing himself from the festivities his swing will be right on track to slump just in time for the pennant race. It's a shame too, he could have used a nice playoff bonus this year with the divorce and all. Hey Alex I promise to check in on you and your swing this October. Should I call the Miami Villa or is Cynthia getting that too?

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