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    Thursday, June 5, 2008

    You can't trade Coco now!

    I love fighting. Whether it be arguing with a car salesman over the price of a car or two young kids in the ring going toe to toe at the Golden Gloves. Combat and confrontation get me going. Rewind to last night. Red Sox and DEVIL RAYS (this blog will continue to call them everything but their real name). The play at second base in which Iwamura blocked the base on Coco and he was out on the "tag." Very next play for Coco at second and he makes his presence felt as he slides in and makes some hand to junk contact with the shortstop. Madden in his next trip to the mound starts jawing with Coco and it is clear he has their attention. FINE!

    Fast forward to this evenings festivities. Coco leading off the second inning and in a shocking (not so much) development, Sheilds on the second pitch of the at bat plunks him on the thigh. Fine. For a split second I thought Coco was going to walk it...oh s#it he is headed for the mound!!! Excellent, he has single handedly re-ignited the rivalry as vanilla as it is and most likely found enough favor with teamates and fans alike to stick around until fall.

    Lets be honest, unless Theo Einstein can get a worthwhile deal for him there will be no move. Although Coco's purchase of a house in Cali leaves everything in question. Papi is on the shelf and the rest of the line up can carry his bat, right Lugo? So I am casting my vote for July 31st. I am cuckoo for Coco. Don't let Coco go. He must stay and play and fight and continue to contribute in any way possible. Tonight in my eyes he set the tone for the season series with the Jelly Dogs, wait the Devil Fish - what is their name this year again? Yaaawwn...



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