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    Monday, June 23, 2008

    Wicked Pissa Dude Radio - New Episode

    Tonight join Adam and Timmy talking about the aftermath of the Celtics winning banner #17.

    What's it like living in Titletown? Just read this article by Chad Finn at about which championship is his favorite and check out Timmy and Adam's favorites on the show.

    Should Schill make the Hall of Fame? Not so fast...aparently? You might think we're crazy, but think about it, if he was a member of the Diamondbacks still, would you think he was a lock?

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The list that was brought up about favorite championships is a great topic and one that every NE sports fan should relish in and think about.

    For me the the start of the six is a no brainer as I assume it is fo rmost NE fans. The 2004 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox! I still have a poster of them hanging in my office that I look at everyday. It was magic, I don't think I could think of another word to describe it.
    Number 1b (or 2 as Adam says I can't have a 1b) the 2001 Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. Now let me set the record straight I am a bigger PATS fan than any other NE team (thank DAD, and Grandpa)in the year my Grandfather passed to the words "I will never see the Pats win the big one" they were able to pull off the biggest upset in NFL history. That is special.
    Number 3 the 2004 New England Patriots another heart felt tale comes with this one as well since my Grandmother passed during the playoff run and just two days before my b-day and the Pats beating the crap out of Pittsburgh (both game and b-day same day) was just a great feeling knowing she nudge them past those douchebags in grand 41-27 fashion.
    Number 4 The most recent addition 07-08 NBA Champion Boston Celtics since I never really saw a championship in the 80's (too young sorry old guys) this was a great season to watch and always remember.
    Number 5 the 2003 New England Patriots, it was not a fluke and we slapped those overrated Panthers in the mouth and they still have yet to recover, that's too bad.
    Finally number 6 2007 Boston Red Sox, taking nothing away from the great 3-1 deficit they came back from but for me I just had a feeling they would win.
    Thanks for bringing up this topic guys it was fun to go down championship memory lane with the hopes of many more to come!

    Scotty Dont

    June 24, 2008 at 10:21 AM  

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