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    Thursday, June 5, 2008

    Mayor Menino in a fight with John Elway???

    Oh, My bad. He was yelling "Beat LA! - Beat LA!" He is such a tool. Getting ready for another wolling wally. Eff that Mumbles. Have a City Hall rally so we can hear great speeches from great players like Bird paying homage to French Lick. Paul can say Inglewood is up to no good!

    Is it just me or is it only parade time that mumbles comes out of his playpen to monosyllabically bumble his way through a speech about jumbletroms and champions. Hey Corky - Becka said hurry up or you'll miss the bus.

    Why don't you stand back and let the Celtics organization have their moment in the sun. Well deserved I might add. While you're at it Mr. Mayor - you should have your assistants take the tags off of your brand new Celtics jacket before you wear it to a pwess confewence. Sorry, press conference.

    One last thing Mr. Mayor. When the Celtics go up 2-0 in the series do not announce the day and time of the parade just yet. You announced the Pats last parade route early - how did that end again? Oh yeah.....




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