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    Friday, June 13, 2008

    Greatest Comeback in NBA Playoff History - YES PLEASE

    I am sitting here this morning in a hangover of happiness watching the Celtics v. Lakers highlights on ESPN and I can't help but think about where I'll be standing when the duck boats pass me by during the parade. I know, I know, it's bad karma to start thinking about the parade, but I just can't help it. Boy, the people in NY must really hate us at this point, hahahaha!!

    What a comeback from the Green. Is Larry Bird happy yet? I don't know he couldn't be at this point, this team is now more battle tested then most teams in the history of the NBA.

    Did you catch Kobe's press conference after the game? He actully gave the Celtics some credit and took some of the blame. I was honestly waiting for him to criticize the refs and say, "I knew these games were rigged." What kind of fine would that have carried with it? I say a one year ban from the NBA. Too bad he didn't say it.

    The one thing I will say is that the guys on ESPN aren't giving enough credit to the Celtics for me. They are saying how badly the Lakers played and not talking about how amazing the Celtics played. The Celtics defense was monumental, literally it was monumental. It was historic to watch this Celtics team shut down one of the "best players of all time," although that title may have been tainted last night.

    The Celtics move on to game #5 and will hopefully close this thing out at the Dunder Mifflin Center and can come home to the City of Champions where they belong.
    One more thing, I will leave you with thoughts of the '04 Yankees. Why the '04 Yankees you ask? Well they were the victims of the greatest choke in the history of professional sports and they were riding high just before it, getting ready to smash the Boston Red Sox. As you no doubt remember, the Red Sox pulled off the greatest comeback in MLB history and went on to sweep the Series. I know, I know, you remember, but I think it is worth saying, let's not go down in the history book with the '04 Yankees and close this thing out on Sunday night.


    - Adam


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    Anonymous said...

    This was truely one of the most amazing comeback I have seen in Celtics basketball history.

    June 15, 2008 at 4:38 PM  

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