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    Wednesday, June 11, 2008

    Game 3 Recap

    Things I learned tonight.

    Kobe should average 2.8 technical fouls per game. Shut up Kobe and be a team leader. Sam Cassell needs glasses. He can't see the rim, backboard or Sugar Ray wide open on the point. Spike Lee is a Knicks fan, although willing to claim the Lakers as his team for now because he hates Boston. Paul has jet lag. KG with 21 shots, 13 points, still needs to shoot more. Paul needs to make less crappy passes. The Celtics looked like a teenage boy with his dad's Porsche and American Express card. All the tools for a memorable night until you max out the card on soda and candy and forget to fill the gas tank. The Celtics stranded themselves on the side of the road tonight pounding their heads on the steering wheel with a trunk full of Clark Bars and warm TaB.

    Kobe must be doubled. Ray can't defend him alone on that jump shot. He elevates too well and has to be taken out of his rhythm on that play. Stop him or die trying. I am ready to sleep this one off and get ready for game 4 on Thursday night. Execution! It is a funny word that sums up what needed to happen in Game 3 and what did happen all at once.


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