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    Thursday, June 5, 2008

    Boston Fans Aren't Nice, But They Sure Are Clever

    We really are the greatest sports city in the world aren't we? How could anyone argue with that. I didn't catch the Sox game last night, but Timmy was telling me that towards the end of the game, Don and Jerry just sat laughing and listening to the chants of Beat L.A. and then were laughing about how great of a sports city Boston is. I will tell you this much I wouldn't be surprised if after the Sox game tonight some of the players (most likely Papi, because he was there during the game I went to in the Gahden) head over to catch the second half at least of tonights opener. I love that about Papi and Randy Moss and all the players that come to Boston and just embrace the scene, it's what this city is all about.

    Now on to the "news." Check out this story on Boston fans aren't always the nicest fans in the world, but we sure are clever. If Kobe has a good game tonight I will have to give him credit because I know the Garden faithful will be ALL OVER HIM.



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