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    Sunday, June 15, 2008

    Back To Boston: Celtics Lose

    It was a nice fantasy to think that the Boston Celtics could close out the Los Angeles Lakers in 5 Games, but it almost came true. After leading by as much as 19 in Game 5, the Lakers almost let the championship slip through their fingers, but were able to hold off the final charge of the Boston Celtics.

    It's not much of a game to hang their hats on as they go back to Boston, because it was mostly the Celtics mis-steps that led to their ultimate demise in Game 5.

    However, even with all of their mistakes down the stretch, the Celtics still only trailed by just 3 points with seconds to go in the 4th quarter after an Eddie House fade away three. After he hit that shot, he almost came up with a Larry Bird-esque steal to close out the final game at the Dunder Mifflin Center for this season. It just wasn't meant to be and now the series goes back to the Garden.

    The captain was unstoppable tonight, finishing the game with 38 points and 8 assists. As always it wasn't just his offense that led the team, it was his defense of Kobe Bryant who was held to 25 points on just 8-21 shooting from the field. Pierce was a monster on defense and led the C's, but was helped out considerably by James Posey and Ray Ray. Kevin Garnett was absent for the most part as he was in foul trouble for the most part during the game.

    It will be talked about over the next couple of days before Game 6, but is this the best that the Lakers have to throw at the Celtics? If so, it wasn't pretty and it probably won't be so glamerous for the Lakers during Game 6.

    No Perk and no Rajon Rondo for this game and they will both be question marks for Game 6. That makes the C's a different team, but they certainly are a team that is resilient and should bounce back strong at the Boston Garden.

    We will have much more on this game and looking ahead at Game 6 in the Bean, on Wicked Pissa Dude Radio tomorrow night. Tune in and tell your friends.

    Celts lose 103-98

    Click here for the boxscore.



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