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    Monday, June 9, 2008

    Another Reason to Hate The Lakers - STFU

    No surprise, the Lakers lost last night at a rockin' Garden. No surprise the Celtics were lights out beyond the arc. And, no surprise the Lakers complained about the officiating. That will all change when they get to LA and start getting some calls right? Don't be so sure. Last night the Lakers looked like a high school team that couldn't figure out a Celtics defense that was stiffling and their only excuse was the foul disparity. I am so sick of hearing about the foul disparity it's ridiculous. I am sure if the C's were on the other side of the ball, I would be calling foul too, but you know what, move on. Going to the free throw line does not win you ball games. So far there have been two games and at the end of both, the Lakers have found something to whine about. After Game #1 it was Kobe missing some bunnies. After game #2 it was the refs. That's EXHAUSTING!!!

    This is a great article on that says if the Lakers don't step up their game at the Staples Center, the free throw disparity will be the least of their worries. AMEN TO THAT BROTHA!!



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