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    Thursday, May 8, 2008

    Watch out tonight

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that the big 3 have a monstah game tonight because with King James coming off of his worst performance in his playoff history, he is sure to rebound in a big way. That is unless Paul and Ray shut him down, which is a good possibility.

    For the record, King James? What kind of nickname is that? It's exhausting. To be honest if we weren't playing the Cav's I would have nothing bad to say about him, so I won't bash on him just to bash on him, but please King James is so presumptious it makes me sick.

    So do the Celtics win tonight? I hope so. I think they need to win all four at home. My vote is, let's go undefeated at home so we can win in front of our home town crowd. I mean let's be real, the Sox haven't won either of their two series in Boston, the Pats obviously haven''s our chance. Let's win one at home so Red can RIP!!!


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