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    Friday, May 16, 2008

    Tonight is the night or else!

    If the Celtics plan on advancing to in the Eastern Conference Finals they must win this evening. They continue to tempt fate. Trailing at home? WTF? Detroit is just sitting and waiting and RESTING whilst the Celtics and Cavs beat each other senseless.

    This is like the Rocky series. Imagine, at the end of Rocky II if Clubber Lang climbed into the ring immediately. How would that have gone? The Celtics need a little respite. Some time to do a commercial with a tiger if you will.

    These two teams split the season series and the time to go for the jugular is now. No need to win by 20, just win. Let themselves get a little rest and momentum if at all possible. I love the Celtics at home in a game 7. Just not in this series. End this tonight and bring on Laimbeer, I mean Billups and Wallace.

    Ugh Bill Laimbeer, the horror, the HORROR!


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