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    Thursday, May 15, 2008

    An Open Letter To The People of Pennsylvania

    Dear Pennsylvania,

    Really? Arlen Specter? This is the brilliant politician you have come to rely on to make decisions for you in one of the most powerful positions in the country? You've gone from the Constitutional Congress to this guy? What has happened? Do you really not care about the country that much? I truly do feel sorry for you that this guy is your Senator. I'll tell you why.

    Instead of working towards solutions to the energy crisis, bringing down gas prices, ending a ridiculous war, solving poverty and crime, this genius is focused on the New England Patriots. He has time to focus on this? I barely have time to think about it and I have a 9-5 that doesn't really affect many people in the least. He is part of the governing body that runs this country. It is absolutely exhausting.

    There is one thing Mr. Specter and I can see eye to eye on though. If my team was as bad as the Pittsburgh Steelers, I would be pissed that our "rival" was so good all the time. I mean when the Lakers had Kobe and Shaq and they were winning championships and the Celtics weren't, I hated them more then ever and would have done anything to take them down, including abusing my power as a United States Senator. I don't want to bash on the Steelers though, because they didn't ask for this moron to be their fan, he just is and they have to deal with that.

    So I implore you, great citizens of Pennsylvania, when the next election comes around and Sen. Specter is up for reelection dump his ass. He is a disgrace to Democracy and the American way.


    P.S. What spurred me to write this open letter? This article. EXHAUSTING!!!

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