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    Thursday, May 22, 2008

    Have I mentioned that I can't stand Rasheed Wallace?

    WTF? I am not shocked. I still have to say it though. WTF? In discussing this series with Adam on Wicked Pissa Dude Radio I had predicted a Game 1 Celtics loss. Crappy result, one game late.

    Absolutely no excuse for this. 103-97 series tied 1-1. Game 3 Saturday night in Detroit. UGH! Rip Hamilton is currently on the press conference table talking about how energized they were tonight. Yes they were and the Celtics fed into it with bad passes, stupid fouls and hesitation. Lets talk about hesitation. I understand my Celtics are loaded with great players. One of those great players has to SHOOT THE BALL! The "no, by all means you take it" game plan is going to be the death of them. Everyone on this team is always looking for the next pass. Trust your talent and shoot it.

    One bright spot tonight, Sugar Ray started to stroke it from the field and had a nice little baseline jam for himself too. Can Ray stay warm? Will Rondo set the pace in Detroit Saturday night? Will Garnett harness his intensity and unleash it to win a crucial Game 3 on the road? Factoid - No team has ever won a championship with fewer than 3 road wins in the playoffs.

    In honor of Red - put that in your cigar and smoke it! More on the must unenjoyable Celtics postseason in my history later. This leprechaun is heading to bed right after KG's post game presser. Sweet dreams Team Green.

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