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    Thursday, January 3, 2008

    Mercury Morris, shut the f#ck up!

    When the hell is Mercury going to shut up? He is on every talk show on ESPN. Every day. Constantly running his hole. He'll welcome the Patriots to the neighborhood, where they will stand side by side. No, you won't. The Patriots will be a better team as history will show. More parody, tougher schedule, more wins!

    Nobody else from the '72 Dolphins has opened their mouth on the subject beyond the normal "congratulatory remarks" from Greise and company. Mercury knows that his validity in the eyes of the NFL will be dulled and dimmed by the spotlight of the oncoming Patriots coup of NFL immortality. Hey Mercury, I am in your neighborhood, by the way You have the ugliest house on the block. Get ready to order new address labels jackass, soon you'll be living on "Patriot Way" hahaha. Now shut the f#ck up!

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