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    Friday, November 2, 2007

    Opening night at the Gahden

    The Boston Celtics have just tipped off the '07-'08 campaign and I, like every other member of the Boston sports fan world am very excited about the prospects of this Celtic team. I think the Celtics will probably come out of the East this season and will face a tough challenge in the championship series. I hate to make such a bold prediction when the season is less then five minutes old, but I just get a good feeling about this team. I know a lot of the "analysts" are saying the C's might come out of the East too, so maybe it's not such a bold prediction, but now I have it in writing so I am sticking by it.

    I feel almost guilty getting into the Celtics this year though. I have been a diehard fan for my entire life. From the early days of the REAL BIG THREE to the tough years after Reggie and Lenny Bias, I have followed the team. I can't really complain because for a good amount of my life, the Celtics have been a contender, but there certainly have been some tough times. For a long time, the C's were perenially in the middle of the pack and they would never get a good draft pick because they were good enough to not get a bunch of balls in the lottery, but not good enough to make the playoffs. Even though I have been with the team for the whole time, last year I fell off a bit. It was so painful last year, I just couldn't watch and I'll admit it, I gave up on the team.

    This year is different. This year, feels different. I can get into the Celtics this year even if they aren't at the top of the pack. I can get into them because they will at least be enjoyable to watch. Last year, I couldn't get through the 1st quarter of the game, it was that painful.

    So all of that being said. GO C'S!!! I don't mind if there are some bandwagon fans this year, because we can always use a few more voices chanting GILBERT when Gilbert Arenas and the Wizards are in town. Gilbert doesn't mix any words and it's actually quite entertaining to read his blog...check it out here. That being said, let me get this out of the way....HE SUCKS!!!

    Before I get to watching the game, I think it is wicked pissa that they renamed the parquet floor at the Garden, the Red Auerbach Parquet Floor. Amen to that. Red was the greatest coach to every coach the game. He also had the best eye for talent and whenever he was involved in the decision making process, you always knew the Celtics would be competitive. We miss you Red.

    Are the people at the Garden really playing Kriss Kross - Jump for a jump ball? YAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWNNNNN!!!

    What is Greg Dickerson doing as a "side-line" reporter? Do we really need that? Give me Tommy Heinson and a little "I LOVE WALTAH" and I'll watch all day long. Greg Dickerson segued from "I love Elliot Yamin" to "Before the game the Celtics named the parquet floor the Red Auerback parquet floor" Big ups to you Greg Dickerson!!!

    Ok, now I have to go watch the game. I love watching the games on Fox Sports Net, but I do miss the occasional "I LOVE WALTAH" Give me a Tommy Point!!!

    GO C's!!!

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