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    Monday, November 12, 2007

    Monday morning, your quarterback sucks!

    Go f#ck yourself San Diego. Enjoy the gift the Colts gave you last night. Peyton with six, SIX picks? Adam automatic misses a 29 yard chip shot? You got a gift. Enjoy it. Phillip Rivers sucks. The only reason your team got a stay of execution last night is because for once in his incredible career, Peyton sucked. Literally.

    So while the Bolts and the Colts slapped each other into submission last night a groundswell began. The national media began developing an affection for "the second best team in the NFL" as quoted by a few pundits on broadcast desks yesterday. The Pittsburgh Steelers. Hahahaha. OK, let me get this straight. Every time somebody other than the Patriots with only one loss has a good week (i.e. a win) they become the team to beat.
    The Steelers spent the waning seconds of yesterdays "tilt" with the Browns on their knees (appropriately enough) hoping and praying that Phil Dawson would miss a field goal. Are they kidding me? The Steelers. A team led by a QB that doesn't wear a helmet while crashing into his fan base while on his motorcycle. Wicked smart.
    The only thing that Brady slams into is hot chicks.
    That being said. See you on December 9th Pittsburgh, we'll be waiting for you and your dominance to come slap the Patriots around Foxboro. So you can wield your football prowess in front of all the world to see. Bring it on Cheeselessburger. You suck!

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