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    Thursday, November 1, 2007

    Let's Review...Boston Sports 101

    I have taken few days away from the site. Admittedly I have had a sports hangover and been exhausted. Big weekend. I'm back now. I feel the need now to run through all of our professional sports and comment on each one individually. Grab a drink and settle in kids.

    Boston Red Sox

    Question. How many times this week have you spoken to a fellow New Englander and not opened your conversation with "how 'bout them Sox?" I can honestly tell you it has happened to me multiple times. I don't know how I feel about it. I know I honestly never had a concern about the Cleveland series. The Rockies series was a pleasant surprise. I know the Red Sox have a chance to start a dynasty and I am fine with that.

    A-Rod. Would anyone be opposed to the Sox signing him and playing him at short? Would you really miss Julio that much? Re-sign Lowell, bring in A-Rod and lets go! Thank you Red Sox for another great season.

    New England Patriots

    Bill Belichick is running up the score. Fine.

    Steve Young and all of the other banana magicians that think they are classless for hammering helpless opponents like Joey Gibbs and the defenseless Redskins. Shut the f#ck up. Grow up. Once and for all shut the f#ck up! Maybe all these bitches are just upset that they realize any record they might have held in the past is about to be gobbled up by Tommy and company.

    Memo to the League - this just in...when Vrabel goes in on offense. WE ARE GOING TO THROW THE BALL TO HIM FOR A TOUCHDOWN! You inept ass clowns. Maybe the referee should announce that he is an eligible and INTENDED receiver. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. This is a professional league comprised of grown men, act accordingly.

    What's the over/under on Indy handing out white play-off towels to the incoming fan base on Sunday? Peyton, get ready to start doing commercials for the Lark or Rascal. You'll need one Monday.

    The New England Revolution

    Yes soccer. We are good at that too. We play for the MLS Cup quietly every season. Game 2 of a total goal format is this Saturday. Go Revs! Beat The Red Bulls.

    The Boston Celtics

    Stay Healthy. Stay Healthy. Stay Healthy. Celts take on the Wizards tomorrow night at the Gahden. Go green. This is going to be fun. Talk about running up the score. Giddy up!

    The Boston Bruins

    Winning is now infectious in the city of Boston. The Bruins want in on the party. Fine. Skate. Pass. Score. Pummel. This just in Chara likes to fight. Let him go.

    Another big Boston Sports Weekend.


    - Sabres @ Bruins 7pm - NESN


    - Wizards @ Celtics 8pm - CSN


    - Bruins @ Senators 7pm - NESN

    - Red Bulls @ Revolution 7:30pm - CSN

    - FSU @ BC 8pm - ABC


    - Celtics @ Raptors 2:30pm - CSN

    - Patriots @ Colts 4:15pm - CBS

    - Senators @ Bruins 7pm - NESN


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