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    Friday, November 16, 2007

    Gearing up for Turkey Day

    Everybody knows that Thanksgiving is the Holy Grail of football days. We sit around, eat turkey and watch football. But what about the weekend leading up to Thanksgiving. What about the games that are going to take place this weekend, we can't overlook those games.

    Sure the Pats have the lowly Bills, but we can't overlook them. Not that the Patriots would ever do that, but I am just saying, if there's one thing the entire NFL wants to see happen at this very moment, it's the Pats to lose. They don't want to see Tommy Brady break any of the records or for that matter see us prove the rest of the league wrong with a WR that has been trouble everywhere else and comes into NE with a new attitude and a drive to win...we already transformed a couple bad apples (Rodney and Corey to name just two) now we're on the brink of doing it again.

    So will the Patriots go 19-0 this year? That's a discussion for another blog, let's just not overlook the Bills. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWNNNN!!

    I haven't spoken on the C's since opening night at the Gahden and quite frankly I only need three words to describe how they're season has been going. Pierce, Garnett and Allen.

    Ok, I'll use more then three words, because it hasn't been all them. It's been mostly all them, but my boy Rajon has been pitching in and even Big Baby has chipped in and is looking solid. 7-0 going into tonights action.

    Sure the Celtics have the lowly Heat, but we can't overlook them. The Heat are 1-7 on the season, but they still have Dwayne Wade and Shaq, don't forget Shaq. Either of these two guys can have monster games against the C's and put an end to their undefeated start. So, let's make sure that doesn't happen and break out the Hack Shaq routine and put the Heat out once and for all.

    The B's have been mediocre to start the season, a bit up and down and all over the place, but it seems to me that they have a legitimate shot at being a contender this season. I am not expert on hockey, because quite frankly I could care less about hockey, but I'll root for the Bruins (if they're that bad?)

    Bruins got the Canucks tomorrow night in Montreal...I should've gotten tickets, because I am 1 1/2 hours from Montreal, but again, I could really care less about hockey.

    So at the end of this weekend we'll have seen, hopefully some great football and basketball action and not so sure where the Bruins will land, but one thing is for sure we could donate 100 turkeys to local food banks or spoon out mashed potatoes to every homeless person in the greater Boston area, but the rest of the country would still hate us because we are winners...the view is pretty nice from the top.

    - Adam
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