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    Sunday, October 14, 2007

    Yeah, How 'bout them Cowboys?

    Well Tony I hope you are thirsty. I made all of this Kool-Aid for myself and my friends to drink after you proved to us that you were the next great quarterback. Deep breath.

    Do me a favor please! Stop the comparisons. Wade Phillips is the son of Bum Phillips. That is his claim to fame. You benched Doug Flutie in favor of Rob Johnson. In the playoffs no less! That wasn't a Music City Miracle it was cosmic justice you clown.

    Tony Romo is NOTHING like Tom Brady. Tommy has three titles under his belt. Tommy drives down the field and wins games in pressure situations to continue dream seasons. Tony fumbles holds on place kicks and ends seasons.

    T.O. (Totally Overrated) is not like Randy Moss. They are both great players and have talents that differentiate themselves from one another. T.O. claimed he would field all questions after the game on Sunday. He shunned every question he did not want to answer. Randy refers to you by name T.O. After getting your butt kicked the least you could do is return the favor and be a man about the situation. Prediction, T.O. and Tony will be experiencing a chemistry breakdown in the next few weeks. So if you are into reality TV and drama, "getcha popcorn ready!"

    Why did Tony and T.O. continue to refer to seeing the Patriots "down the road." Maybe they have already secured seats for the Super Bowl and Dallas to Phoenix is right down I20 west. I am sorry, I just don't see Dallas in the big picture at the end of the year.

    Patrick Crayton and Jason Witten vs. Donte Stallworth and Wes Welker. Please.

    So in closing. Oh yeah, Bill Cohwer can shut up too. He thought Dallas was in a prime position at the half to turn the tables on the Patriots. CBS has the worst group of studio analysts. Shannon "lookie heyah" Sharpe. You horse face nightmare. Apparently they didn't offer public speaking or any English curriculum what so ever at Savannah State College (now University).

    Sorry, had to clear the air on that whole situation. CBS studio desk = unwatchable. In closing, all of you can go back to the drawing board. The bar is set higher. You are too short for this ride. You have stolen fizzy lifting drink and now the walls have to be washed and sterilized. Good day sir! (great quote from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

    Stop trying to explain how other teams and players compare. They don't. The Colts are not even in the same echelon, if they were Peyton would have more jewelery. Wouldn't he? Or are we going to continue to measure greatness in team sports by individual accomplishments? Just get on the bus and enjoy the ride. The Pats are headed to the desert and don't worry, I have lots of left over Kool-aid for all of us.

    Have a great week New Englanders. Don't forget Tom Brady is a pretty good QB too!

    - Timmy

    Hey Tony, How do you like them pumpkins?
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