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    Monday, October 8, 2007

    Red Sox & Celtics & Pats, Oh My!

    For those of us who had the pleasure of growing up in the 80's, this is relatively familiar territory. Boston sports simply decided to turn the usual 7 year cycle of famine and plenty into a 20 year wait.

    Fear not, we are finally on the cusp of total sports dominance. It is not out of the realm of possibilities that we could be attending a total of 3 championship parades between now and the end of the spring. Clearly the Celtics must remain healthy for all of this to take place.

    When the Sox clinched the division, I turned to my wife and said "it will probably be ugly, but they are gonna get this done." Coming off the seasons end I was weary of the mojo level. I am not sure if Papelbon dancing in his cockstrap on the mound dripping in champagne was what flipped the freak switch, but it has been flipped. Schill ripped it up yesterday and Manny said it himself, he is a bad man!

    On the other hand, this ALCS will be our truest and biggest test. This will be a slugfest. This is where Gagne and JD must be the guys that finally find their groove and make big plays. Whether it is the Yanks or the Tribe on Friday night at Fenway, this next series is going to test the will of our beloved Sox.

    Celtics fans we may finally have to consider each game "appointment television." You might actually catch yourself saying to a co-worker or friend "did you see the Celts last night?" Stay healthy, stay healthy, stay healthy... (rocking back and forth like Rain Man)

    Ok, the Pats. As my friend Isaiah says after each convincing victory, "any questions?" Well, I do have one question. Am I the only one that believes that Tony Romo is more Kurt Warner than he is Tom Brady. Listen Tony, you light up my Pats this Sunday and I promise I will drink the kool-aid. Until that happens, you just happen to be a hot NFC quarterback. That isn't saying much against the Giants, Dolphins, Bears and Rams. The Cowboys still have to take on the dreaded Bills tonight. As my friend Vinnie from Revere always says "always take the dog at home on Monday nights." Good luck Tony, I smell a trap game.

    We'll have more on Tony "terrific" soon enough. Insert long laborious yawn here.

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