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    Wednesday, October 31, 2007

    Proud Bostonian

    All this writing about Boston sports and the fact that Boston sports are going to reign supreme for a while now, got me thinking how much I love the city of Boston. There are a lot of people hating on Boston right now, saying they are tired of all these Boston teams winning and of the Boston fans arrogance, but I don't think they understand the passion we feel for our teams but more importantly for our city.

    For me, it's not about how many rings we have (although having a lot, certainly doesn't bother me...go get another one Tommy.) It's not about the movies that are set in Boston. It's not about the SNL sketches or the commercials. These things all add to it, but for me, it's about the soul of the city, the people.

    Bostonians are amazing people. They care about people (except for Yankees fans.) They reach out to others in need (see: the Walk For Hunger.) Bostonians are fun people. They are spiritual people. They are the types of people that everyone should strive to be.

    Bostonians are not fake. They are not pretentious. They are not self-rightous.

    Sure sports bring out the crazy side in all of us. Watching the Sox win the World Series again made us all get a little insane on that night. We might get a little cocky when asked about the Pats/Colts game this weekend. We might talk more trash then we should when it comes to the Celtics this year.

    One thing about Bostonians though, when it comes to the important things in life, family, friends, neighbors, our neighborhoods, Bostonians show their true colors. We love our family. We cherish our friends. We look out for our neighbors. We grow with our neighborhoods.

    The people of Boston are the true soul of the city. Not the sports teams. Not the institutions of higher learning. Not the Charles River or Faneuil Hall. All of those add to the atmosphere, but what Boston truly is, the reason we love the city so much, are the people.

    You might argue that watching the Sox or Pats game is what being a Bostonian is all about, but go try and watch it in a bar in California and see if you get that true sense of Boston. Maybe you think going shopping on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago is the same as spending a day in Fanueil Hall, it's not.

    So, next time someone says, you're retahded or calls you a Masshole, take pride in the fact that you are in fact a Bostonian and you're the haht of the city.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey "Proud Bostonian"

    Wow you must be wicked pissa glad you live there! Do you think this will be century when you evolve enough to walk upright and have opposable thumbs?

    February 22, 2009 at 3:52 AM  

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