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    Saturday, October 13, 2007

    Oooh Baby it's cold outside!

    Ok, let me preface this statement with some personal information. I am the Father of two boys under the age of three and also a huge Boston sports fan. Ok. That's done. That being said, I would NEVER bring my infant child to an October play-off game at the Fens.

    Are you serial? I mean really. The Sox wrap up game one last night against the Tribe and CC Gotakeabathia, 10-3 final! Excellent. Fox 25 here in Boston is the local affiliate. Fox jumps right on the air and starts live coverage from Landsdowne. (Yeah Butchy Stearns!) He opens his story with some quick comments about the game and then cuts to the tape of fan reaction. There were too many yeah dudes too count. One Asian girl in particular with an unbelievable Masshole regionalism says "Yeah I'm so psyched, we're gonna go wicked far man!" And.....scene. But wait, what is this? A Father with his young child, and I mean young. This kid was quite possibly in utero on Wednesday.

    Let's get into this shall we? First of all, it's your child and it's your ticket. The choice is yours. I personally would never make that choice and I can give you at least three reasons why. 1. Hypothermia. 2. Pneumonia. 3. Whooping Cough.

    Additionally, beyond the initial health concerns that might arise when debating whether to bring an infant to a cold and rainy Fenway Park in October for a night game. My wife would kill me. His wife might have been present I am not sure. I can not even imagine the reaction from my friends. If I had enough tickets to bring my infant child to the game and I left them out of the equation. I certainly would not be marching up to a camera on Landsdowne during the post game to advertise my ineptitude.

    In closing, I have season tickets to 3 events. BC football, Patriots football and The Golden Gloves in Lowell. My boys are both under the age of 3 and have only attended BC football (day games) in warm September weather. It is a family friendly environment (no alcohol served in Alumni Stadium) and our neighbors in the section are all respectful of their presence. Even if you are at Fenway in the family (no beer zone) section. There is usually some Fitzie screaming "I can't believe they won't let me f#@kin drink over here!"

    It is like taking them to Disney World too early, will your kid even remember? The price, the trouble, and risk...was it worth it? Ten years from now will that father actually ask (in Chris Farley SNL interview voice) "Remember that time when I took you to Fenway in October for game 1 of the ALCS against the Tribe and you got really sick afterward? That was awesome!"

    To the father, just so you know. The people you passed on the concourse last night that saw your child riding on your chest in the papoose and smiled and cooed. Looked at each other in horror as soon as you passed and said to each other "why would you bring a new born to the game?" I'm just saying, it was not cute. It was an error in judgement. Leave your chillunz at home tonight. Let her rip Schill, go Sox!


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