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    Thursday, October 11, 2007

    On the Other Hand

    So yesterday I had to rail on NESN for covering the Yankees collapse more then the Red Sox domination. Today I am going to praise ESPN for their coverage of Boston sports. Now probably everyone who doesn't live in Boston HATES the fact that ESPN always covers Boston teams like they are the "home" team, but I personally love it. Of course, because I am a MASSHOLE BABY!!!

    Today's Sportscenter was filled with references to how good Boston sports teams are. Even when they were talking about other teams, there were references to Boston teams. GIDDY UP BOYS!!! So they were talking about how dominate Tony Romo has been over the start of the season...YAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNN!!!
    I'll paraphrase, but basically they said, Tony Romo has more touchdown passes of more then 20 yards this year then any other quarterback, even Tom Brady. I love that Tom Brady is now the measuring stick...F-You Peyton. F-You Worthlessburger. Tom Brady is the definitive quarterback of our generation. Period. End of story.

    Then the boys from Baseball Tonight decided to do their LCS picks and two out of three analysts picked the Sox in the ALCS. The genius on the right of the screen (I can't be bothered to know his name) said that Cleveland's pitching would carry them to the World Series. That gets another big YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN!!! When the Sox stomp through the ALCS that guy will be eating crow or fired, hopefully the later of the two.

    Finally, my favorite thing of all on today's Sportscenter, they covered a PRE-SEASON CELTICS GAME!!! YESSAH!!! I love that. Last year the Celtics highlighs barely made SportsDesk on NESN, now they are front and center on Sportscenter. This is what I call good times. Then they spent even more time with the Celtics as they went "Behind The Scenes."

    Boston fans are in heaven while NY fans have what...the Yankess (CHOKE), the Mets (CHOKE), the Jets (CRY BABIES), the Giants (ok, I'll deal with them) and the Knicks (the only good news to report about them is that 90 year old Allan Houston is returning to the team because they need a "shooter.")

    Sleep tight tonight Big Apple. Titletown is just up I95...

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