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    Monday, October 8, 2007

    My First Game @ Gillette

    Ya dude. I can't believe it took me forever to get to a game at Gillette, but thanks in LARGE part to my partner in crime, Timmy, yesterday I made it to a game. Not only was it a wicked pissa time, it spawned this blog.

    Alright, first impressions. Sure. That's about what I said when I saw Gillette. When we came over the hill on Rt. 1 and saw the massive structure that's about all I can say. The Krafts are the best owners in professional sports, hands down, and why wouldn't Gillette be massive and the ultimate football stadium. I might be the last person in New England to experience Gillette, but hey, at least now I can say I have.

    The tailgaiting kicked ass. Of course, Timmy and I are on Fat Watchers, so we had to tone it back a bit, but we still killed it and had a blast, including some B&B that kept us nice and warm dude. Bobby Duggan, Timmy and I threw the ball around and looked like all stars (at least that's what the 5'2" blonde inside Bobby Duggan's head thought.)

    After a few drinks and some BS we hit the pro shop where Juice (a.k.a. Bobby Duggan) picked up an Adalius Thomas jersey while Timmy and I waited outside and enjoyed the comedy stylings of Ya Dude 1 and Ya Dude 2.

    Ya Dude 1 (in the face of a couple of Brown's fans): Not gonna happen today Cleveland. Not today Cleveland. SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY.

    Ya Dude 2: Dude that' my oil guy. What's my oil guy doing here?

    Well worth the wait for Juice Duggan to get an ear full from the countless numbers of massholes in attendance at the Pats game.

    Then we headed up to our seats and damn it was a hike. I am not exactly athletically inclined and the stairs were just about enough to put me out of my misery, but despite the hike up, the seats were actually really good. There isn't really a bad seat in the place and we had some really good seats. We were in the upper deck about 15 rows from the railing, kick ass.

    We got in in time to watch some warm-ups and taunt Brady Quinn a bit. HE SUCKS!! And for the record, didn't play for the whole game, but since Timmy is a BC guy, it's fun to make fun of him...F-U Brady Quinn!!!

    The game itself was ok. The Pats looked like they were a little out of sync, but we could've put the Foxboro High cheerleaders on the field and they probably would've beaten the Browns anyway, so I'm not worried about it, as long as we punch Tony Romo in the mouth next weekend. Ahhhh Dallas yet another Tuna Franchise we can DESTROY!!

    During the game there were some side-shows, we'll call them Ya Dude 3, Ya Dude 4 and Ya Dude 5.

    Ya Dude 3, 15 rows up from us looked like Fred Durst and was probably wicked smaht. He was on the phone for just about the entire game, using the landing in our section as his "office" making all sorts of shady deals...YA DUDE!!

    Ya Dude 4, 10 rows in front of us. Shaved head, braided rat tails (yes there were multiple rat tails) and jean shorts...'nuff said.

    Ya Dude 5, 3 rows in front of us, wearing a #1 Daddy, Patriots jersey. I'm told he picks fights with just about every moron wearing a non-Patriots jersey in the section, this came true when a genius decided to wear a Yankees hat to the game...YA DUDE!!

    We stayed for the whole game as the Pats decided to make it interesting and for that they get another big YA DUDE!!! Then we tailgated a bit more and listened to the Sox smash the Angels. WHAT!!!!!!!!


    FINAL SCORE: Patriots 34 Browns 17

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