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    Sunday, October 28, 2007

    La La La...Teh Ptraoits WNI!!

    As you might have guessed by the subject of this blog, I am DRUNK!!! No, I haven't had one too many rockie mountain refreshing silver bullets, I am drunk on BOSTON SPORTS!!!

    The Pats knocked out the Skins 52-7. Even Matty Cassle scored a touchdown. As Timmy would say, it's ok to giggle if you're a New England fan. I love it Moss catches one touchdown, Vrabel catches one and Welker catches one. Hey Indy, don't forget we still have Stallworth, Maroney and Caldwell.
    You gotta love Brady at the line of scrimmage with minutes to go in the 4th guarter. Pats up by 38, there's an offsides penalty and Brady is so fired up, the camera gets him saying "Give me a F**kin break." I love that intensity. That's what makes Brady Brady...Get fired up Tommy...we're going to Indy next week!!

    The hype for next weekends game will begin. Everyone will talk about how Peyton got a ring and is this Colts team as good as the Super Bowl team of last year. I'll answer that right now, NO. Well actually maybe, but really the Colts didn't deserve to win the Super Bowl last year. The Pats were one dropped pass away from facing off against Da Bears. Now you can say that I am crying over spilled milk and that might be true, but Peyton will be crying over a lot more next weekend when he realizes that we can put up more points then he can and we punch them in the mouth.

    One more thing, is it bad that I was disappointed that Brady only threw 3 tds this week? I know I know, I am acting like a Yankee fan. I really just wish Brady would throw 100 tds this year and smash Peyton's record, just so there wouldn't be any more comparisons. Brady is the BEST QB of all time, hands down. Peyton may have produced the best commercials of all time, I'll give him that, but Brady has won with NOBODY. Now, he has somebody, in fact, he has many somebodys and he's coming for you Peyton. Don't be blinded by his rings.

    GO SOX!!! More on the Series to come!!!
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