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    Thursday, October 25, 2007

    Have we gotten spoiled?

    Ok, first a quick recap of last nights game. I had to start watching at a Wicked Pissa Ya Dude Bah...this place was nothing short of Ya Dudetastic. A couple of highlights -- Two Ya Dude's talking about how their buddy, who is in jail, wants to get transferred to a Kentucky jail, because in Kentucky you get two congical visits per year - YA DUDE!!! Another highlight - a camo Red Sox hat, YA DUDE - this just in, the Red Sox colors are RED and WHITE...the only acceptable combination for a Red Sox hat is, Black hat - red lettering, Blue hat - red and white lettering and MAYBE a White hat - red lettering. Pink hats, celtic green hats (THE CELTICS WEAR GREEN NOT THE RED SOX) and most certainly camoflage hats are unquestionably sacrilege and should NOT be worn. One low light from the bah last night - a jamoke wearing a Notre Dame hat and a Yankees jersey - on principal I punched him out...what? he deserved it.

    Ok onto the game itself...wait one more thing...the LOWELL HIGH SCHOOL BAND played the National Anthem? Now I didn't see this with my own eyes, but my wife assures me that that's who played it...Having the Lowell High School band open the game is like the Tri City Dust, Dust Devils (the single A affiliate for the Rockies) play in place of the actual Rockies, which actually might've worked out for the CORO's last night.

    Now, onto the game. Really only takes one word to describe last nights game and here it is.


    Simple as that. Beckett strikes out the side in the first. WHAT. Pedroia homers in the bottom of the 1st. WHAT. 9 extra base hits. WHAT.

    Honestly there were times when they flashed to Beckett and I swore that he was giggling. Then of course there's Varitek who at the game looks like someone just died. Ya, we played well but we haven't won anything yet...truer words were never spoken.

    So onto why I think we are spoiled in New England. Let me first, disclaimer this by saying, I am perfectly ok with being spoiled, in fact I wouldn't have it any other way, however, I heard this exact comment from many Boston fans (I think I actually even thought these words, but I knew better then to say them out loud)

    "It almost got boring towards the end there."

    YIKES!! Have we forgotten what we did 3 years ago to the Yankees? This just in, we are just as susceptible to a CORO's resurgence in this series. Don't think for a minute it's going to be a cake walk at Coor's Field. Hell, I hope Schill wins tonight, but he most likely will not be as dominant as Beckett was tonight.

    So, let's slow down. Take a deep breath. And think of the immortal words of Tito at his press conference last night.

    "We did a pretty good job tonight, now after I'm done with you guys, we'll put it behind us and move on tomorrow."

    That's what winning teams do. It's what the Patriots do (even at 7-0.) It's what the Sox do. And it better be what the Celtics do this season. Win - MOVE ON.

    Now, that being said, I'd really not like to hear anyone from here on out say, boy, this game is kind of boring. NO!! We will pound the CORO'S into the ground and never let up until we get a curtain call from Jonathon Papelbon and his Irish jig.


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