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    Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Good for the Players...Great for the Fans

    An off day in the ALCS when your team is down 3-1 is not as bad as it may seem. Some might say, let's just get this misery over. Others might say, we need the rest. I am in the rest camp, but not for the players for the fans. Obviously after Manny's comments last night, "it's not the end of the world," the fans seem to have more at stake then the players do. In all reality, Manny is still gonna get his millions whether they win or lose tonight. Fans though, will go to work and punch the nearest Yankees fans in the face (if the Sox lose.)

    So, why is an off day better for the fans then for the players? We spend all night the night of the game, screaming and throwing things at our tv. Then we spend the next day (the off day) yelling at Dale and Holley on EEI about how our team sucks and how they should make changes and WTF is Tito thinking. We sleep on it, wake up the next morning (this morning), throw on our Sox shirts and hats, head into work and get fired up for a comeback. We hold signs that say Believe. Forget everything that Manny has said (however hard it might be.) And gear up for what will be another historic comeback.

    Sure we still field comments from the douchebag Yankees fans, one of which today told me "I feel for you, I really do." Shut UP!!! Your team sucks and couldn't make it out of the first round of the playoffs and is STILL getting coverage on ESPN. But, I'll take their comments and hold my head up high, because it begins tonight.

    I've gotten my frustrations out. I boycotted NESN for a night (last night) and now I can watch the game and get excited to make history.

    The off day is better for fans, because we take pride in our team. We're a member of the Nation and we take that title seriously. The joke used to be "there's always next year," well I BELIEVE we will get it done one day at a time and won't even be thinking about next year, until NEXT YEAR.

    GO SOX!!!

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