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    Tuesday, October 9, 2007

    Five picks and a funeral (Torre)

    Wow, my remote is exhausted. I spent all last night flipping between the "I told you Tony Romo sucked" special on ESPN and Game 4 of the ALDS between the Spankmees and the Tribe.

    First things first, Tony and T.O. escaped Orchard Park with a 25-24 win. No, Tony did not throw a last second touchdown. His arm was too tired from tossing 5, that's right 5 picks. Two of which were returned for 6! Bills D entered the game ranked 32nd in the league in case you are scoring at home.

    Meanwhile on TBS (affectionately referred to as This Broadcast Sucks by Bobby Dugan) the Tribe punched their ticket for Fenway on Friday. Thank goodness. Why you might ask, would I not want to see the Sox and the Yanks again? Are you serious? I am just exhausted with the entire series at this point of the season. We reverse swept them in 2004. They have yet to win a playoff series since. Long live the Curse of the Menino! I am tired of watching Joe Torre walk out to the mound to make a pitching change at the speed of an octogenarian trying to catch the early bird specials at Red Lobster. Go Home and Good Riddance. I am sick of watching Jeter try to induce a strike call by bending over the plate like A-Rod is behind him in the shower. Who wants to watch Johnny "Slingblade" Damon slap another girlie home run, show of hands? Exactly as I thought. Go Home! F#ck the Yankees and the luck they rode in on. (Takes deep breath.)

    So, any plans for the weekend? Apple picking with the girlfriend? Fall cleanup in the yard with the family? Break up with the girlfriend and hire a landscaper. This weekend is a cornucopia of sports goodness. As our friends at Wilson Farms would say, this weekend is "The Heaht of the Havast." Which incidentally is a nice day trip for a family to take...on a bye week! Here is the link

    This is what every New England sports fan will be doing this weekend -

    Friday night - Tribe @ Sox on Fox
    (or on local radio if your kid plays HS football)

    Saturday 3:30 pm - BC @ ND on NBC
    (whether you are Irish or catholic or an alum this is must see tv)

    Saturday time TBA - Tribe @ Sox on Fox
    (Sox go up 2-0)

    Sunday 4:15 pm - Pats @ Cowboys on CBS
    (Tony Romo meets a real defense, look Roger no cameras)

    You might want to take Monday off just to watch Sportscenter ad nauseam Monday morning. I am a SAHD so that is my plan. More on all these tilts as the hype develops. What are the people in the rest of the country doing?

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