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    Sunday, October 14, 2007

    First Half Analysis

    So I am usually a big fan of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. I think they usually call the games pretty straight down the middle, but I don't know if I can say that about the first half of today's game. Even my wife, who could care less about football, was saying "what do they want to blow Tony Romo?" If I have to hear one more time how amazing Romo has been since bouncing back from last week, I might jump off a bridge. When you throw 5 picks in one game, anything you do the next week will look like you bounced back well. I am still not sold.

    Other high-lights from the 1st half.

    Randy Moss saluting in the end zone.

    Rodney Harrison hammering Romo 5 yards out of the end zone. A little further back that bitch gets SACKED!!

    Wes Welker having a MONSTER half.

    T.O. NOT catching the ball on the one yard line.

    The Low-lights.

    T.O catching the ball and hitting the end zone

    Brady's fumble run back for a touchdown

    Will the Pats win this game? I hope they do. I think they have been playing well, but not 100% and I think the best is yet to come. But no doubt, Dallas is a tough opponent and it will be a tough second half. I don't need popcorn T.O., we're used to games like this.
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