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    Friday, October 12, 2007

    Cleveland Rocks?

    I am not one to write about a game before it's over. After all, I am a Masshole and I have seen my share of blown leads. But, in the 8th inning, up 10-3 and Papi on 2nd with a lead off double, I think we're nevermind I won't say it. I am just sitting here holding my breath.

    There is one observation that needs to be made. First of all, I can't stand Fox. Why do we always get Joe Buck and Tim McCarver calling the games? THEY SUCK!!! I can't stand either one of them. Although I have to say, when we're not playing the Yankees Buck and McCarver are not so bad. That being said, Fox still SUCKS!!! Sox are up 10-2 in the 6th inning and what do they use as bump music? CLEVELAND ROCKS??? Give me a break Fox. Is this some sort of joke. Is Rupert Murdoch giggling in the booth? Why because MA is home to "activist judges?" Cleveland Rocks? YAAAAAAWN!!!

    If the Sox can hang on to win this game, it's a good start to a BIG weekend of Boston sports. I'll even root for BC to win this weekend, even though I really don't have much of a stake in whether they win or lose, for Timmy's sake I'll root for them.

    Tomorrow for Game 2, we'll be making Sox-tini's and having a couple of Wicked Pissa people over to watch the game. One is from CT, but I won't hold that against her. GO SOX!!! GO PATS!!! GO BC!!! GO BRUINS (because why the hell not!!!)

    I'm still watching the game, although I don't know why it's not over yet. I HATE ERIC GAGNE. I have done everything in my power to like him this year. No matter how many times he's blown a save for us, each time he comes out of the bullpen I give him the benefit of the doubt and consider, maybe he won't blow it this time. But now he's got runners on 2nd and 3rd with only one out. Hey Gagne, we don't need this game to be exciting...we just need it to be OVER!!! DAMMIT!!!

    Now they have Okajima up in the bullpen, is this really necessary? Why can't we just have a clean victory?

    Gagne walks the bases loaded...SHOCKING!!! (Meanwhile, a meeting on the mound has given way to this gem from Joe Buck "Fox NFL Sunday, this Sunday on Fox" NO SHIT YOU DOUCHE!!! Joe Buck's new nickname OD...GO AWAY)


    And now some scenes from tonights WICKED PISSA GAME...


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