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    Friday, October 26, 2007

    Better late then never...

    First let me start by saying, I have been told by someone (who will remain nameless) that they really like reading my blog, but that I say Ya Dude way too much. So, I am banning the phrase from this post, starting, NOW!!

    I know has become the home for the Best World Series Coverage on the Web and since we have received that title we need to stay on top of the series. We didn't post about the game this morning, because we were hungover. No, we didn't drink too much, it was a Boston sports hangover. We had way too much fun last night and weren't even able to muster up the strength to write about it until now.

    Now, I've filled up on greesy food and Sportscenter. I've had a gallon of Gatorade and I am ready to OD on Boston sports this weekend, but we must recap last night before moving on.

    First things first. Did you see the Bruins last night? YES!! They are on fire in the early going of the season and having Cam back in the organization has definately brought some grit to the ice.

    Exhibit A:

    So the Bruins held it down last night...

    Then, there's BC who are STILL #2 in the country after late game heroics by Matty Ryan. Um, can you say Heismann? I can. What an incredible comeback. I'll be honest, I don't know all that much about the Eagles, but I was flipping back and forth last night a bit. I couldn't stand the fact that they couldn't put any points on the board. When they finally did I am sure my neighbors were all scared when I screamed like Johnny Damon on the teacups at Disney World.

    Last and certainly not least, the Boston Red Sox. I'm happy to report that the highlight of my night was Jacoby Ellsbury winning all of America a taco from Taco Bell. Not because I wanted a taco, because I am NOT a fan, really just so BM would shut up about it. Oh my God, if I had to hear about it one more time, I was going to throw my tv out the window and listen to the game on the radio. (You know what a radio is right? It's the thing that's a little bit bigger then your IPod and plays four hundred commercials in between your favorite songs...ooops did I just type that? Oh well.) Anyway, as one fan on put it, we might as well call him Tacoby Bellsbury and they made the advertisment to prove it.

    Onto the action of the game, of which there wasn't much. Some people like pitchers duels, I am not a big fan. I love Schill to death, but let's be honest, who in Red Sox Nation can truly say that they weren't nervous with every pitch. If you raised your hand you're insane. I was on the edge of my seat with every pitch and was constantly concerned about the game.

    That being said, Schill pitched a gem and even though he said it was the Papeljima show, I think he contributed to the win even more then those two. Don't get me wrong they both threw gems in the late innings, but Schill was the one that set the tone. He's the one that is now 11-2 all time in the post season.

    As a little bit of a side note here. I know that the Red Sox and the Patriots are not about the "player" they are all about the team. Normally I love that attitude, but when it comes time to think about a guy like Schilling, I would love to see them keep him around. He wants to stay in Boston. The fans would love to see him stay. I try very hard not to get attached to certain players because I know that they are not as important as the whole of the team is, but I would have a very hard time saying goodbye to Schill. That's all I am saying on the matter for now, because we have a WORLD SERIES TO WIN!!!

    The pitching was the story last night. The pitching and Mikey Lowell who had a nice game, but let's be honest when your pitching only gives up two runs in the first two World Series games, you gotta give it up to the men on the mound.

    A preview of tomorrow nights game is to come, but in the meantime, enjoy a couple of these photoshopped images I ganked from

    - Adam
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