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    Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Beckett holds the key to change, literally...

    Do you remember when Josh Beckett was going to be a work in progress? When we first heard Theo on WEEI speaking of the new deal that was bringing Beckett and Lowell to town, I was concerned. I was actually hoping we would have picked up A.J. Burnett, he seemed to be the better prospect coming off of the 2005 season.

    We had Josh now, Theo stressed that he might not be a factor for us in the everyday line up until 2007. How accurate was that prediction? Josh took the bump for us in 2006 but was unfortunately ineffective. He was coming from the National League where he threw his fastball constantly and when that pitch failed him he threw it faster! This is probably why he arrived in Boston with an arm that might not have been ready. Theo admitted they made the Beckett deal looking for him to be a part of the equation in 2007. Any efforts he might have offered in 2006 were "bonus tracks."

    The most important thing Josh offers us (Tito) besides a stay of execution tonight is insight into how he righted his ship. How did Josh go from an AL batting practice pitcher to a 20 game winner. Listen up Tito, He made adjustments! He realized that what he was doing game in and game out was not working. To continue to do so and assume the results would change borders on insanity.

    Why Tito do you continue to "trot" out (no pun intended) the usual suspects every night? Why not let Jacoby lead off and play center for Coco. At the very least late in the game when Coco has continued to be ineffective, pull him. Bobby Kielty should have got the start the other night against Byrd, although he was nowhere to be found. He will, I trust be in the line up tonight for the tilt with CC Gotakeabathia. Tito, The JD Drew experiment is over. Stop talking about how you will continue to utilize the guys that got us here. JD was not a factor in why we are playing October baseball. Let it go.

    Grady stuck with his guy (pedro) to a fault, we all know how that ended. I am listening to WEEI right now online. I have not heard it yet, but today I am sure every other caller or guest on the station will reference the fact that "this is it."
    Our backs are against the wall and "everyone is available."

    Yes Tito, everyone is available. Situational hitters, matching pitchers to batters late in the game. Make it happen. Jacoby crossd the plate a couple of times in September and also had an effect on our "being where we are."

    Be brave enough to go where you have failed to go all week. Your bench. (8:21 am EST and currently on WEEI Larry Luchino is defending Tito and his lack of line up movement on Tuesday night) Yawn!

    Manny was quoted last night as saying "Why should we panic? We've got a great team. It doesn't happen, so who cares? There's always next year. It's not like it's the end of the world." Here is hoping that is just another Manny mantra and not the company line.

    Here is to Josh and his ability to recognize the need for change and to implement it.
    It's up to you Mr. Beckett, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

    Cleveland Rocks? F#@k Cleveland. Go Sox!

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