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    Sunday, October 28, 2007

    5th Inning Love

    World Series game 4 is in the top of the 5th inning and the Sox are on top 2-0, wth one out and runners on 1st and 2nd. Lester is at the plate with two strikes on him after trying to bunt twice. Now, it's a full count. (Rockies bullpen is up) Lester strikes out trying to bunt, oh well, what could you expect. He's throwing a gem of a game and is making a case for himself to be the #3 starter next season.

    BM brought it up, so I am going to talk about it. They asked the question, which team is better, the '04 Sox or the '07 Sox? McCarver actually made a good point saying, with all the young talent that this team has, Ellsbury, Pedroia, Beckett, Papelbon, etc...neither team may be as good as the '08 or '09 teams. I gotta agree with Timmy McCarva here. While I hate to ge ahead of ourselves, it very well may be true. Our young guns are getting it done in the World Series with no experience under their belts. Imagine what they'll do as veterans.

    Cook gets Ellsbury swinging and the inning is over - 2-0 Sox.

    Maybe the Sox will wrap it up tonight and Titletown will get another ring and if they do it gets me thinking, do you think Gagne deserves a ring? If there is anyone who doesn't it would be him. I don't like to be like that, but has he contributed at all? I mean at least Coco made some amazing plays in the regular season and he did make a nasty catch to end the ALCS. Lugo has come alive in the last couple of days and Drew has had some good at bats. What has Gagne done? Nothing to be honest. If I recall correctly he pitched one inning in the series and it was a good one at that, but he single handedly let the Yankees back into the division race during the regular season and helped to hand a game to the Tribe in the ALCS. I hope he comes around next year and does some amazing things in the a Red Sox uniform, but for now, can we please make him prove himself. Ok, give him a ring, but let's reserve the right to take it back if he sucks again next year.

    Lester has been nothing short of amazing in this game. Now I am eating my words when I was wishing for Timmy Wakefield instead of Lester. I mean, I stand by what I said, but Lester is pitching very well and keeping the Manny Delcarmen Bullpen Five going for this game.

    While I am thinking about it, I was watching the Sports Reporters this morning and they were talking about last nights game. One of the sports reporters, not sure which one, not Lupica and not Albom, the other one, was talking about how before '04, a game like last nights game, when the Rockies came back from 6-0 down, in '04 that game goes the other way and the Rockies win, but after '04 the Sox have been winning games like that. I LOVE THAT. We spent so many years losing games like that and now we're winning them and the rest of the world is noticing!!

    God bless Red Sox fans with nothing to do...these pictures thanks to

    I love that Boston is at the center of the sports world. Everybody is talking about the Sox...everybody is talking about the Pats...everybody is talking about BC...everybody is talking about the C's (and it's still only the pre-season) and everybody is talking about the Bruins. I mean, I almost feel like somone should pinch me so I can wake up from this dream season. I thought the early part of this decade was as good as it gets, but I was wrong. THIS IS THE BEST!!

    Back to the series. I'll tell you this, Lester is pitching a gem and it's a good thing, because so isn't Cook for the Rockies. Man, it's a good thing our pitching is so strong, because there was that 2-1 game and now tonight it is 2-0. The Red Sox have proven their prowess in this series, proven that they can beat you in a rout and also in a close game. It's not a complete series if you don't showcase all of your talents and Red Sox nation couldn't be happier.

    Tim McCarver aparently gets a kick out of Manny Ramirez and his antics. It is rather bizarre that Manny throws off his helmet and never looks comfortable with it on his head. They just replayed the play at the plate where Manny got thrown out last night. I LOVE MANNY RAMIREZ. I know that if I was not a Red Sox fan I would hate him beyond belief, but since he's on our team, I LOVE HIM. All of his crazy antics make the game that much more enjoyable and the fact that he produces big numbers helps too. He is just so whacked and that is what Red Sox nation is all about, we're just a group of people that love baseball, have fun watching it and sometimes are a little whacked out of our mind and that's why we love Manny, because he's just like the rest of us...CRAZY!!!

    Tito just pulled Lester in the bottom of the 6th for Manny Delcarmen. YAWN!!! We're up 2-0 and with Delcarmen coming in, I'd be happier if it was 6 or 7-0, but what are you going to do. Tito has gotten us this far, I'll go with it.

    It's funny, since Timmy and I started this blog it's been all sports all the time. I mean, maybe that's all that's on our tiny little Masshole minds. Well, I won't speak for him, but I will definately say that for me. It's hard for me to think about anything else, except for everthing New England sports. I am sure we will post about other things when the Sox wrap this up...for instance, I just saw a really good movie this weekend that takes place in the Bean, Gone Baby Gone, I'll give my full review once the series is in the books, but if you're thinking about it between now and then, I'll give it a thumbs up.


    Delcarmen is in the game and gives up a homerun. It would've been nice for us to get a clean game and shutout the Rockies to win it, but that's out the window now, I just hope we can hang on to close this game out...we'll see. As Jess would say, DON'T SUCK MANNY DELCARMEN, DON'T SUCK!!!

    Shocking development, Manny Delcarmen SUCKS!!! Into the game comes Mikey Timlin. Let's shut this down and get moving Timlin, daddy needs another ring.

    OMFG what is happening? Eric Gagne is up in the bullpen for the Red Sox. If Tito brings Gagne in in this game, is it a Grady Little moment? God I hope this isn't going there. Let's hope Timlin gets out of the 7th unscathed and then Okie comes in in the 8th to shut them down...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NO ERIC GAGNE!!!

    Now that the inning is over (on back to back strikeouts for Timlin) I can say this, I really like the chant they do for Tulowicski (or however the hell you spell his name, it's not really all that important, because it will just be a footnote in the history books of the Boston Red Sox) but I do think the Tulo chant thing is really cool, it reminds me of the song Culo and it gives me a shred of respect for the Coro lose the towels and we can hang, but until then, back that train UP!!!

    GO SOX!!! Up 3-1 through 7 innings.

    Am I the only one that doesn't care that A-Rod has decided to opt-out of his contract with the Yankees? The Red Sox are on the verge of winning the World Series and SHOCKING Fox has decided to spend the entire top half of the 8th inning talking about the F-ing Yankees. Hey guys, the Yankees are out of the playoffs and oh by the way, THEY SUCK!!! Here is my guarentee, IF the Sox win tonight, the post-game interviews with the Red Sox will include at least one mention of A-Rod...GUARENTEE!!!

    Lost in all this A-Rod talk, Bobby Kielty hit a dinger, Sox up 4-1.

    Tough bottom of the 8th as Okie gives up a two run shot with 1 out to make it 4-3. Tito has to go to Pap for 5 outs to get this done...2 outs down, 3 to go in the ninth.

    Sox 4 Coro 3 - end of the eighth

    Bottom of the 9th

    Ground out - one away

    Fly out - two away - woah, that was close. It was about five feet short of knotting it up at 4, but it is still 4-3 and I feel a jig coming on!!!

    Pap is getting a little wild as he goes 2-1 on the hitter. (holding our collective breaths) Strike 2 and we're one strike away...GET THE DUCK BOATS READY....There's gonna be another parade in BOSTON!!!


    Ok, I need to watch the celebration. Reflections on the win tomorrow...Enjoy it Red Sox Nation, we deserve it!!!

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